January 11, 2023

In Our DNA: Good Luck Have Fun

In Our DNA: Good Luck Have Fun

Nobody knows the exact origins of saying GLHF at the start of competitive online video games, but it was always meant as a way to encourage your opponent to remember why they play video games — for fun — and to acknowledge that they’re just another person — just like you and I.

It’s for these very reasons that Good Luck Have Fun is the Smerf motto.

In an increasingly toxic social environment, Smerf is looking to help remind gamers that although winning, rank, or being on a path-to-professional can be important, games are ultimately about having fun. The people we play with and against are all just other people trying to have fun too.

Through everything we do, we want to rekindle the fire and spirit of goodwill and competition of the budding industry at the time in which this saying was born. We want to enable gamers to find their perfect teammates, enable them to make more friends, to share content easier, and compete in healthier, more focused ways.

As seen in our previous post, Mismatched Expectations, the fight against the proliferation of toxicity in online gaming is an uphill one but it’s not a battle that the Smerf team goes into without careful consideration of the ways that the current social systems fail to build comfortable, healthy habitats for gamers.

Hopefully, through the efforts of Smerf, our partners, and people just like you, dear reader, there is a future where gamers can log on without having to stress over who their teammates are or who their opponents will be: free from harassment, fear, and negative emotions carried with us beyond the end of a match.

It’s in our very DNA, not only as a start up, but also as individual members of the team. It’s the very idea that Smerf was conceived upon, and it means so very much to us that that same spirit is carried on through not only what we do as Smerf, but what we do as gamers.

Good Luck Have Fun®