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Smerf is a social platform that helps people find and create communities of like minded gamers.

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Today's multiplayer gaming experience is frustrating. Many gamers are having trouble finding great teammates. Far too often, gamers jump in and out of dozens of games without finding new friends. Smerf creates happier, more satisfied gamers by working to dissolve toxicity, build community, and positively facilitate friendships.

Smerf is built for you.

Valorant and League of Legends are just the beginning. We are continuing to expand the titles we support to ensure that every type of community and gamer feels at home with Smerf. Bring an end to playing alone and spend more time playing the games you enjoy with people you enjoy.

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Smerf was created by a team that loves gaming and creating software solutions to tackle complex problems. We grew tired of toxic behavior, ruined dungeons, and terrible hour-long ranked matches that are an unfortunate reality of today's online games. So we decided it was time to provide everyone with the experiences gamers have been dreaming of and deserve.